when boys say men are stronger than women..

“men are stronger than women” yeah of course. it would be stupid to argue the fact that you can bench more weight than i it would be stupid to deny that i like it when you carry me of course you are physically stronger than women but it would be stupid not to acknowledge there are several dimensions to strength. and in some things, women … Continue reading when boys say men are stronger than women..


first, i hate hash tags. so you bet if i am hashtaging something, it must be worth it. so this hashtag has been generated in Nairobi, Kenya due to some barbaric events. it so happens that there are some idle men in the streets of Nairobi who take pleasure in stripping women. their reasoning is that these women were indecently dressed. so one minute you … Continue reading #MyDressMyChoice

The Friend Zone

The friend zone. this phrase rolls differently on my tongue. it tastes strange, unfamiliar, stranger. not because because i have no experience with its implication. actually i do not; at least not according to me. let me tell you why. first, there is nothing more precious to me than friendship. i do not understand why people make it seem like a bad thing. just because … Continue reading The Friend Zone

Growing up

Growing up. One of those things in life we can do on our own terms. With all its pressures and everyone chipping in with what’s right and what isn’t, eventually it all comes down to us deciding what we are going to become. And that is the problem with irrevocable choice; plenty of room to make mistakes. Or at least that’s how it was and … Continue reading Growing up

Is this a sequel? i do not know, you decide…

so my previous blog post was about finding yourself and about how back and forth a process this is. so back to the same friend i was having this “finding yourself” conversation with, would you imagine she had the audacity to tell me i am transitioning from “depressed” to “not depressed.” but i am just being dramatic, i will admit though, there is some truth … Continue reading Is this a sequel? i do not know, you decide…