March: great writing all around.

The reading list/newsletter for March is available here.

I create this list every month for my patrons as part of their perks. I am trying to make a living out of my writing and patrons help me do that. To get access to this list, you need to be on the $10 a month tier.

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On this month’s list:

  1. Akwaeke’s Emezi’s brilliant article on gender dysphoria and their surgeries.
  2. Elezabeth Bergstom on queerness and stealing intimate moments in churches and other sanctuaries.
  3. Monica Lewinsky on why she took part in the Clinton documentaries.
  4. What does it mean when a literary magazine includes a short story that at the very least, implies that pedophiles belong to the LGBTQIQ+ community in an inclusivity issue? An essay that gives the sociohistorical context of this. 
  5. An essay on the significance of Mani Ratnam’s films to the women of the Sri Lankan war.
  6. Ivy Nyaieka has run out of ways to tell Nairobi men she doesn’t love them. 
  7. An essay on watching Rafiki and sapphic love.
  8. A short story about a love falling in love with a girl and another one about a woman quite literary losing her head because of love. 
  9. A few Twitter threads on bisexuality, sex work and (why the distinction with) pornography. 


Sign up. Happy reading!

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