Here’s the thing, life is messy. We are born and it’s all love and sunshine and there’s is nowhere to go but up. And then you grow up, and somewhere along the way, your dreams and hopes and optimism gets stripped away from you. So you wander for a while, all lost and scared and hurt. Maybe you hit rock bottom, maybe you don’t. But at some point, you start craving happiness and fulfillment and closure, and at first, you don’t know how to get it. And then you realize that the only time you feel like yourself, the only time you feel happy, is doing the things you absolutely love, wrong or not. So you cling to that and let it lead you back to yourself, back to happiness, back to life.

And that is basically me. And What this blog is about. I’m just a girl learning to live again, hoping to laugh again. And I’m doing it the best way I know how. Just writing down every shifting encounter, every emotion and maybe, I find someone who relates, make someone feel a little less alone.

I post every Monday and on other days of the week when I have something to say.

Oh. My name is Clarie Gor.
Happy reading:)


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