This is how it ends

It ends with me in the morning, plastered, trying, but mostly failing, to leave without making a fuss. If only these utensils would cooperate. It ends with you walking up and doing that crooked smile and me trying not to fall back in again. It ends with us reminiscing on how fast four years can go when they are filled with sin and impropriety. It … Continue reading This is how it ends

Maserumo: a review

Perhaps this is what makes the lack of a resolution on these deaths a lot more interesting. Depending on your belief system, you are struggling with different things as you read this story. But at the end, we all have to ask ourselves the one question, “are these deaths supernatural? Did somebody bewitch these people?” This is important, because whiteness would have us believe that … Continue reading Maserumo: a review

Valley of memories: a review.

Frances Ogamba’s Valley of Memories begins with a very well crated line, “To live with another man’s wounds is to wake at midnights with a searing pain and listen to the man breathe and exist.” It’s a line that makes the reader think, “okay, how are you aware of this peculiar experience?” Which is well and good because this question is answered in this metaphysical … Continue reading Valley of memories: a review.

This song, my God, I have wept!

My inbox has been full of words. Words, silence, emoticons and the helplessness akin to having to endure a roller coaster ride you grossly overestimated your endurance for. You’re queasy and dizzy and your people are watching from the ground hoping you don’t throw up — hoping they don’t have to live through the mess. I expected and understood it but it still annoyed me. Again, I … Continue reading This song, my God, I have wept!

Feminization of poverty.

She, like every other woman, is a victim of a system that was created to disenfranchise her, to simultaneously deny her the means to wealth and make sure that she and her daughters bore the brunt of the resulting poverty. The truth about the feminization of poverty|WMC FBOMB. INHERITANCE OF POVERTY: A WOMAN’S LEGACY|THEGIRLSLIKEME. Continue reading Feminization of poverty.