Esther Vushya Julius..

so i am going to use this name as an adjective, for as much as i try, i cannot seem to find an adjective that will aptly describe the friend you’ve been…and hopefully will remain.

Esther is for that graceful air, its been five years and i still cannot wrap my head around how you keep that up. how you hold so much in and not crumble down. how you look so different from the rest of us. but most astonishingly, how you love the emotional mess that i am. and yes, i said you love me.

Vushya is for your unique beauty and talent. how intelligent and skilled you are. how you stay so true to yourself amidst pressure to be so many different things.how you know what you want and just won’t settle for less, no matter how unrealistic the rest of us think it is. how you remind me to shoot for the stars. how you believe in me even at my dumbest. how, we just don’t do average. and i don’t say this often, but i am so proud of you..very proud of you.

yeah, that’s Vushya..i could not have said it any better

 Julius as every surname represents is who you are and where you’re from. and to me, that’s pretty much friends and family. and that’s everyone that you are going to make so proud. i can’t wait for you to blow our minds away.

talk of goofiness
talk of goofiness

i am going to miss those…my impulsive side-kick, my partner in crime( as trite as that is), but most importantly, that one person who never gets tired of reminding me to eat. heaven knows i would starve if you weren’t around. and i have a feeling, i will be starving this coming semester.

and i am going to stop here, i am thoroughly drained off emotion. you have that effect on me. as short as this was, hope it gives you an idea of just how much you mean to me.

bye EVJ.

And what is a Vushya package without a little Maya Angelou?? plus, its exactly what i hope you do.

2 thoughts on “EVJ…

  1. AAAAAAWWWWW! Thank you Clarie, I’ll miss you terribly (please don’t get emaciated :-D).
    Ps: and did you just call me a side kick, hehe:-P



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