first, i hate hash tags. so you bet if i am hashtaging something, it must be worth it. so this hashtag has been generated in Nairobi, Kenya due to some barbaric events. it so happens that there are some idle men in the streets of Nairobi who take pleasure in stripping women. their reasoning is that these women were indecently dressed. so one minute you are walking and the next there is this gang of men stripping you. how humiliating?? and i thought, i have to say something. but first;

your dress will never be your choice. you will never walk into a corporate office dressed like a stripper and expect no one to tell you nothing. we have dress codes. and codes could be synonymous for rules. and rules should be followed. so technically, your dress has never been your choice. it will never be.

again, your dress will never be your choice. in as much as we would like to personalize morality, some things remain. indecency is indecency. and yeah, there is such a thing as too short, too revealing. there is such a thing as indecently dressed. and you know why that is, because long before the ancestors of your ancestors were born, there was this panel of beings that decided that indecent dressing is wrong. and if history is anything to go by, this was a panel of men. and these men decided that women cannot wear some things. so no, your dress has never been your choice, not to women at least.

but onto the main reason for this post.
so this hash tag is a campaign of sorts. it is a clarion call for women to fight for their rights, not just to wear whatever they wish to, but their right to be respected, their right not to be humiliated, their right to equity. and i get that. hell yeah, i support that. but there is something that bugs me.

its been splashed across social media. everywhere i look i see something along these lines; that men should respect women. because those women could be their daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, mothers,wives. that just as you strip someone’s sister today, someone could just rape your mother tomorrow. on the surface, this seems logical. but sit down and think about it. what exactly are we telling these men? that you should only respect the people you care about? is that it? so that lady sitting next to you on the bus does not deserve your respect? so we realize that in part we are saying that it is okay to rape, mistreat, abuse, strip that lady who is new in town and is asking for directions? do we realize what is wrong with such a campaign?

so no, men should not just respect women because they could be family. men should respect women because they are human. it’s that straightforward. people should respect people. gender has nothing to do with it. and i am feeling rather geek-ish. so i am just gonna say that it is practically impossible to sketch a curve of gender against respect or vice-versa because there is none that makes for a dependent or independent variable. okay, so that was lame. but all i am saying( especially for those of you who do not get the math behind this analogy?) is that respect is not dependent on gender.

2 thoughts on “#MyDressMyChoice

  1. Am walking in Kc,quoting you as I speak on that issue that the dust has already settled on.. A very good friend concurs with me that….. Time articles,its yours but you make it sound ours



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