conversations with my life

sometimes i wish that my life would consult me before it made some decisions. like today, it made me cry, and usually i don’t ask why because my life usually gives me ridiculous answers like, ” sometimes it is better not to know the answers.” but today i thought i deserved to know why and as expected, my life said the most outrageous thing ever; ” it is to make you stronger. to teach you valuable lessons.” i was so mad i wanted to tell my life that sometimes i don’t need lessons, and yeah, sometimes i am cool with being weak , but of course i bit my tongue because i did not want my life to think i was being immature and ungrateful. but all in all, i love my life, after all, we go way back. and in spite of its emotionally draining antics, i know my life has my best interests at heart. or so it claims.

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