gut over reason..

so today i choose to trust; to feel and to get hurt. to love even those people i have been told i should never  waste my sights on. to believe that they would never disappoint me. actually, i know they will but i want to give them the benefit of the doubt. to let the past stay there. i choose to give humanity a second chance, to see the good in people. to put myself out there and see just how badly i could get wounded. to smile at strangers and try to mean it when i say, ” nice to meet you”. but most importantly, i am sticking by those friends. the ones people just won’t understand how i get along with. the ones who will steal my airtime and not even have the decency to call me. the ones who will get on my nerves so bad i could throw them off a cliff. i am forgiving the ones who have let me me down, the ones who have gave the word betrayal a whole new meaning. but really, i am choosing to feel and maybe someday, i could get to say, ” i was here, i lived, i loved.” after all, you won’t find faith or hope down a telescope. or heart and soul in the stars. the only thing that really ever counts is what you did with what you felt. 









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