Just How Misplaced Are Our Priorities?

So just a few days back, for the sake of peace, i found myself in front of a television watching news. I say for the sake of peace because i had spent this past few weeks in my room, with the lights off and curtains drawn, only getting out to drink water or yogurt.so, i got out for an hour or less to pacify these people who were scared i was beginning to lose touch with civilization. as it turned out, they knew what they were talking about. if i had not watched news that day, i would not have known that somewhere in Kenya, some women have to walk miles and miles just to get water because they cannot get water from the nearest source.why is that? because they are sexually harassed by these men. so for these women, its either they agree to these demands,or they walk those miles to get water. and here is the sad part, some of them are raped on their way to the river by these men. now maybe i am too emotional, but that made me so angry, i cried.and yeah, i cry when i am upset. and so for the last few days, i have carried with me this sense of hopeless helplessness.i have been feeling like there is just too much wrong in the world for my poor self to right. but that was until yesterday. going through my Facebook news feed, i found this post by some guy. he insulted the news anchor who told(i am not sure if that is the right word) this story.and this is how annoying his reason was. so this news anchor comes from the central region of Kenya which is inhabited mostly by this one tribe, Kikuyus. so according to him, the news anchor who is female by the way should not have highlighted this story because the region in question, nyanza is inhabited mostly by this tribe, luos. and luos and kikuyus have a long history of political intolerance. moreover, the central region is infamous for their men who perform acts of bestiality, you know sex with animals.(i have always wondered though, just how, do you rape an animal like a chicken?) so according to this guy on facebook,(and i have this urge to refer to him as the faceless dummy on facebook but i feel like that would be stooping down to his level, like fighting with a pig in the mud.) the news anchor should know that charity begins at home. that before she talks about men raping women in luoland, she should first make sure that her backyard has no sins to confess. afterall, is it not better to have sex with a fellow human being than an animal, even if it is without the consent of this human being. now that, got me blogging.

what really annoyed me was how people were commenting on this post and supporting him, hurling insults at this news anchor and worse, just how many people shared this post.i considered commenting on this post to give these people a piece of my mind but i thought against it because i knew it wouldn’t make a difference. moreover, i like to think of myself as a ghost facebook user, i only read my news feed, no active activity. but i realize he is not the only one who needs to hear what i have to say, so i am going to throw in my two cents. Rape is Rape. there is nothing justifiable about rape. and anyone can talk about it, because as far as i can tell, talking about it is the only way to protect our mothers and sisters from such an inhuman act. so if it bothers you that someone from a tribe that you cannot tolerate politically talks about it, then pray to your God that i never get any power because to me, expressing such a callous opinion is as bad as committing the act. just what are you saying, that it is okay to rape women? that just because they are from your tribe you own them? that you can do whatever you wanna do with them and an outsider should not talk about it? how dare you insult July Gichuru?(that is the news anchor’s name).just what do you know about her that would warrant you the right to hurl insults at her?

just what is wrong with this country? how misplaced are our priorities? since when is politics more important than protecting our women? those women have a difficult time already accessing water and as if that is not enough, you rape them? and yet you want us to turn a blind eye to this and focus on our messed up political system? what is wrong with your head that you’d rather pledge your eternal allegiance to a politician who cannot even dig a well for just one village and victimize a news anchor who is just doing her job? how heartless can you get? i am sure as i write this blog, someone is being raped somewhere. and if our imagination is so incapacitated that we cannot see our sisters in those victims’ faces or see our tears in their eyes, then where are we headed as a country? i do not know the first thing about being a man, but if your masculinity wont allow you to be noble enough to protect the weak and the curved( by that, i mean women and children), then you do not deserve to sit in the table of men.if every time our brothers are going to harass a news anchor for telling a rape story, then may God help our women. we are so doomed. but this i know, what goes around comes around. maybe someday someone will rape your sister or mother(God forbid) and maybe then your sister’s story will speak more clearly to you than July Gichuru ever will.


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