Is this a sequel? i do not know, you decide…

so my previous blog post was about finding yourself and about how back and forth a process this is. so back to the same friend i was having this “finding yourself” conversation with, would you imagine she had the audacity to tell me i am transitioning from “depressed” to “not depressed.” but i am just being dramatic, i will admit though, there is some truth to this. so i have been out of school and i have been doing a great deal of thinking.(and i realize i should be prepping for my exams, but who am i? Albert Einstein?) but i do not want to make this about me, i want this to be about everyone who can relate to hating your life. and i do not mean hating your life because you just cannot get the hang of that programming assignment, or because tomorrow is Monday and you are hung over as fuck. i want this this to be about that one person who knows what it feels like to want to have it together, but for some reason, this concept is as elusive as ever. this is about those moments when you doubt yourself so much, you cannot even trust yourself to open your eyes in the morning. this is for everyone who is struggling with something, trying to get over someone, deciding what you will do with your life; what path your career will take, grieving the loss of a loved one, stuck in a relationship that is not working. this is for everyone who is having a hard time at something( growing up more so). and i know that’s basically everyone.

first, i am not an optimist. i am more of a pessimistic realist. so trust me when i say this, a little positive attitude is refreshing. sometimes choosing to see the sunshine when its pouring down is the only way to get through those dark days. while it would be easier to lay in your bed and cry the oxygen out of your lungs, sometimes you have to grow up a little and sit up and smile and believe its going to be better. more importantly, you have to go out of your way and make things better. so save yourself some tears and have a little fun. write weird poems, draw ugly pictures, dance around, make dirty jokes, call up your friends and don’t complain. love your fucked up life, its all you got anyway.

second, life is not fair, but you get exactly what you need, or deserve. you know those days when you feel like the earth is rotating on any other axis but your own( man, i love this phrase), actually, it is on those days that the earth is rotating on your axis. i mean, if you have so much crap going on, its because the giver of crap is paying you too much attention. so man relish the attention. i honestly have no idea how that is done. but you’ll figure it out.

you are not your experiences. you are your choices. so you’ve been raped, does that make you a rapist? no. so you’ve been bullied, does that make you a bully? no.seriously though, why are my illustrations so gory? you are who you decide to be. as trite a this is, it is true. you can shape your reality or let your experiences shape it for you. and i say this because i know if i decided to react to all the crap I’ve been through, i would probably overthrow the devil. i would be the very definition of hell.and i know there are people who have been through worse. and so i am not the sweetest person you will ever meet, but hey, i am not Satan either. so my point is, treat people the way you wish they treated you. love someone the way you wish they’d love you. be the person you wish people were.

lastly, be your world. fact one, you are just one person. it doesn’t matter how many paradigm shifting breakthroughs you have, you will never be able to heal the world.fact two, we all wish the world was a better place. so how about you be your world and make your world a better place.

writer’s bonus:
this is so important. and because i sounded like a motivational speaker. and i know just how much people hate being told what they know. but this was for me and the few people who’ll appreciate it. anyway, here is a few graphics for the rest of you guys..

vulgar, but yeah..
vulgar, but yeah..



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