finding yourself..

just this morning, i was talking to my friend and she was telling me the way “finding yourself” is the most cliche activity known to mankind. and i was like,”you should though.” i know people who think that this is a rich-people thing. i honestly don’t know how i feel about that but this much i know, losing yourself is not a rich-people thing. take it from someone who doesn’t know who she is seventy- five percent of the time. and so i have been trying to rediscover myself and man, these things are hard. it is so back and forth. like one morning you know who you wanna be and what you will stand and most importantly not stand for, and then you go through the day disappointing the person you were in the morning. there are days i am so proud of myself and there are nights i cant even stand my presence. but that’s just my story, whats yours? anyway, so part of finding myself has been reigniting old passions. and so i thought i would do a poem; share a poem i wrote when i had no idea who i was. one of my dark-day poems. i am surprised its not as emotional as i thought it would be. so here it is..


Teary eyes staring into space
Minds racing into the past
To a time before our souls were polluted
When we heard the good sense to turn away
And stay out of trouble
When our hearts were as cute as our faces
When we knew who we were.

Burdening memories
Of a time we didn’t feel
When we didn’t fake smiles
Or force stubborn laughs
Hearts that didn’t love
Minds that remind us to hate
When hollow sounded right
And empty felt whole.

Before we traded our innocence for company
Voices that rung of defiant hope
Eyes that saw eternal light
Legs that knew the right paths to walk
Hands that were aware of who not to hold on to
And tongues that accurately represented our brains.

When the line between right and wrong hadn’t faded away
When pure dreams were our only fantasies
And sacrifice was for a better cause
Better than tearing down our souls
And ignoring the voices of reason
When our greatest sins currently rate as our saintly acts.


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