when boys say men are stronger than women..

“men are stronger than women” yeah of course. it would be stupid to argue the fact that you can bench more weight than i it would be stupid to deny that i like it when you carry me of course you are physically stronger than women but it would be stupid not to acknowledge there are several dimensions to strength. and in some things, women … Continue reading when boys say men are stronger than women..

Letting go

to choose too look away turn your back and never around to lose the door and throw the keys locking yourself in your pains choosing to stumble in darkness to hope to find your own light to accept that a little pain is healthy and a little distance is eye-opening. to choose to put yourself first to say no and pretend not to feel guilty … Continue reading Letting go

this life…the feminine way…

some will tell you… nourish your mind speak fluent English read avidly be good at something have stuff that keeps you busy walk gracefully hold your head high maintain eye contact say something witty pay for your meals don’t drink yourself silly and others still… lose a little weight tone that skin paint those lips flash that smile flip that hair bat those eyelids throw … Continue reading this life…the feminine way…

Days like these

Days like these feel wreckedExpectations not metHopes crushedEyes welling upStaring up at pregnant cloudsImpatient to birth their share of anguishRegardless of the raining anger inside. Days like these feel stupidThe voices of reason we ignoredThe jerks we hoped would keep their wordThe fantasies that kept us awakeDreams we knew wouldn’t come trueTired eyesIs it sleep or tears? Days like these feel unappreciatedEmotions loaned to unworthy … Continue reading Days like these

who we are

We speak in hushed voices So as not wake our memories Of the people we’ve become And the virtues we’ve lost Whispers of the roads not taken Regrets of the ones travelled Ghosts of the lives we’ve destroyed. We tread in caution Dreadfully avoiding previous paths Fearfully calculating our every move Forging into an unknown future Struggling to forget our past Doomed as we are … Continue reading who we are