Days like these

Days like these feel wrecked
Expectations not met
Hopes crushed
Eyes welling up
Staring up at pregnant clouds
Impatient to birth their share of anguish
Regardless of the raining anger inside.

Days like these feel stupid
The voices of reason we ignored
The jerks we hoped would keep their word
The fantasies that kept us awake
Dreams we knew wouldn’t come true
Tired eyes
Is it sleep or tears?

Days like these feel unappreciated
Emotions loaned to unworthy creditors
All broke and bankrupt
With no one to pay us back
Faces struggling to keep smiling
Lungs that gave up on breathing usury
Hearts tired of pumping pain.

Days like these feel lost
Beings with a meager sense of direction
At crossroads of broken dreams
A labyrinth of incapacitated self will
Entangled in our regrets and inabilities
Stamping our feet through hurts
Falling down to failures.

Days like these feel complete
Surrender to the mortality of our flesh
Embracing our wounded souls
Recurring needs of our insatiable spirits
Resigning to the frivolity of our existence
Destructive habits that just won’t quit
A vicious cycle of self-harm
The nonsensical nature of our humanity.


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