so before you guys get all judgmental, i am going to defend myself, or this post.

first, i am posting something emotional for a change. second, i love Jason walker. which is strange, because i don’t even know how he looks like, which is more strange, because there is Google. but most importantly, this song is more than just lyrics and emotion for me. its more of a transition; letting go of crap that has been holding us down, and finally doing something brilliant for a change. shifting our focus from whats not right in our lives, to what right we can do with our lives. and hopefully, inching closer to that day when the only reason we’ll tear up when we look in the mirror, is seeing how far we’ve come. and that’s the phase I’m in right now. so take it away Jason..

oh no, where did all the years go?
was it really worth all this
heartache that was handed to me
holding on just don make sense
but the hardest part of letting go
is trying to find a way to let you know

I’ve been thinking about my life
how much time I’ve wasted
I’m ready to put it all behind me
let it all be yesterday
but the hardest art of letting go
is trying to find a way to let you know

so we’ll just cry, cry on each other’s shoulders
cry until its over, can’t it just be over?
and we’ll just cry, cry until its all gone
been holding on for too long.

i’m tired of trying to find a reason why
so let’s just cry.


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