this life…the feminine way…

some will tell you…
nourish your mind
speak fluent English
read avidly
be good at something
have stuff that keeps you busy
walk gracefully
hold your head high
maintain eye contact
say something witty
pay for your meals
don’t drink yourself silly

and others still…
lose a little weight
tone that skin
paint those lips
flash that smile
flip that hair
bat those eyelids
throw a bashful laugh
wear a little pink
hug that figure
rock that short dress
balance a pair of heels

never forgetting to…
drink a lot of water
eat cucumbers and salad
a little run, skipping maybe?

i’ll tell you…
know what you want
spare no expense to get it
and never settle for less
and while you are at it…
love yourself like your life depends on it
cause it does
and that might include…
balancing those heels
flashing that smile
you say something witty
nibbling on cucumbers
later, go for a run.

what the heck people??live your life!!!

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